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LUX Local Magazine - Arts Initiative

LUX Local is working to bring the art industry and the community together. Showing communities and its leaders how the arts are an important part of culture, education, health, and economics. We plan to bring businesses and artist together by creating a unique networking driven environment.

In Indiana 29,700 artist make up 0.91% of the labor force. In Kentucky 17,280 artist make up 0.85% of the labor force. We believe these numbers can be much higher by encouraging support of unknown artist who have yet to have a voice. Through community leadership and grassroots support the arts can be a viable aspect for growth in our communities.


We are asking towns and community leaders to team with LUX Local Magazine to make a impact. Our staff will come to your town to speak with community leaders, artist, and local businesses. Set in a group forum, we can discuss ways that will bridge the gap between the arts and the community. We will then follow up with a community gallery show event that will jump start this creative connection.


  • Encouraging professionalism, integrity, and positive ethical standards. Art accessible to all ages and appropriate for young viewers interest.
  • Allowing an open creative outlet with safety standards and equal opportunity work environments.
  • Providing resources for economic education for artist. Focus on branding, marketing, and business planning to artist to build their business.
  • Artists workshops and training for all ages to develop their craft or learn new ones. This can also provide income opportunities for experienced and trained artist.
  • Encouraging "buy local" and support small business. Discouraging "work for free" practices.
  • Generalized locations for artist to present and sell quality products (community based galleries, coffee shops, local businesses, etc.)
  • Specialized events that have a recognized support from the community and importantly its leaders. Increased integration of the arts within existing community events.
  • Removing elitism that separates the community. From the arts, to government, to the social community sectors.  Encourage synergy within the arts and the community. Breaking the barrier of the social elite mindset.
  • Working together with artist and businesses to create professional relationships that keep advertising dollars locally while, breaking the ties of advertising outsourcing to large corporate advertising agencies.
  • Equal hiring of unknown artist to known artist for community projects. Allowing all notably talented artist equal opportunity for growth.  
  • Encouraging artist to be active within the community and non-profits.
  • Artist contributing to health professional projects including nursing homes, hospitals, drug rehabs, and jails. Making positive impacts on mental and physical health. Reversing effects of drug addiction, depression, mental illness, and suicide. Improving physical health of people with illness or pain to promote healing.
  • Arts becoming a catalyst for poverty ridden and low income areas to reach the youth as well as adults. Arts education closing the achievement gap making students interest in school higher education. Generating improvement in literacy and critical thinking skills. Studies show that fine arts actually improve academic test scores. As well as stress relief and calming effects in all ages.
  • Integration of art in public places to promote tourism and cultural interest. While keeping the classic integrity and elegance to historical areas.

For a full detailed outline of this project and in how to become a LUX Art Member.