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We are now accepting submissions for the January 2017 issue of

Lux Local. Seeking articles, photo submissions, artist, and written

works. Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Supporting new and experienced talent. You will be notified if your

work is chosen.

Guidelines for submission:

See submission forms below

  • All editorial photos must have photo release and usage agreement completed.
  • Standard candid images or photos for article content. Please be sure images are approved

            by photographer or content owner prior to submission. 

  • Due to no way of proving online who is submitting images, we are not responsible for images submitted without prior consent of photographers. It is the obligation of the submitting person to be sure that proper credit and copyright release has been submitted.
  • Photos must not have been published in any other publication or social media.
  • No nudity, sexual explicit, death, or gore. We are looking for quality images with a positive image.
  • JPG 300dpi  Full resolution. Allow for crop 8.5x11. Allowing for print bleed and cuts.
  • Images may be used for related articles.
  • Include all team credits with your submission with 5-10 of your best high quality images.
  • Professional photos only. No watermarks or logos.
  • Articles must be ready for print. We print article content as is. We are not responsible for content. Contact us for current article topics.
  • Artist and Literature agreement below must be signed for artist, article content, short stories, poetry, etc.
  • Please avoid selective coloring, photo cliches,  and heavy vignettes that may take away from the quality or clarity of your image.
  • No Logos or text.
  • Submissions are printed "as is" basis  We are not responsible for content of images or articles.
  • See home page for event and blog submissions. 

Submit images and articles to: